Land Development Consulting

Delivering Land Optimization Strategies That Increase Value Assisting With Government Agency Approval Processes

Who We Are

Land-Strat is headed by veteran land development consultant Barry Gross. Land-Strat helps land developers, investors, brokers, public agencies and landowners identify alternative and planning strategies that can dramatically increase the value of their investments.

“Barry has been our land guru for an incredibly wide range of communities. He is the best at what he does. I would highly recommend him to any real estate developer” - Larry Webb, Executive Chairman

What We Do?

Facing Issues?

Why Choose Us?

If you own underperforming – and even dead projects – or are looking to buy or sell land, Land-Strat can assist in maximizing your profits by identifying effective land development strategies. We can help you navigate the complex challenges of land planning and entitlement that could delay your project.

The cost of Land-Strat services is small relative to potential rewards. For example, in four weeks we identified a development plan that repositioned a 500-acre property foreclosed by a bank that boosted projected profits for the eventual buyer by more than $70 million.

Land-Strat is a nimble, cost-effective and reliable land planning partner with a proven record of success spanning 40+ years. We are a cut above the rest. We have worked hand-in-hand with clients large and small in 25 states and 6 foreign countries to perform due diligence to enhance land values and internal rates of return.

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