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Increase Land Residual Values

LOS has developed a heuristic model to identify information that lead to optimization of Targeted Metrics for land development projects. These targeted metrics include

  • Increase in Land residual value

  • Increase in Net Present Value

  • Decrease in project term

  • Decrease in project peak capital

  • Increase in project Internal Rate of Return

  • The heuristic model focuses on the following areas:

    • Identification of optimum product mix

    • Merger of market reports with cost analysis

    • Coordination with local jurisdiction al standards

    • Reduction in development costs

    • Decrease in project peak capital

    • Increase in projected revenues


  • Project document review

  • Review of local jurisdictional standards

  • Review of environmental issues

  • Review of current market information

  • Review of backbone infrastructure costs

  • Review of local jurisdiction preferences

  • Understanding of local project opposition

  • Review of Project Impact fees

  • Review of resource agency goals

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