Success Stories

  • Recommended revisions to an approved land development plan for a 500-acre, dead-in-the-water property the owner believed had no residual value. Within five years of accepting our new plan, the developer has netted $70 million after selling 65% of the property. The company projects a total of $100 million in profit when the remaining homes are sold.

  • Prepared a land development plan for a depleted 4,500-acre oil property. The entitlement is projected to cost $12 million. Upon Specific Plan approval, the Paper Lot Land Residual Value is projected to be more than $150 million. At full build out, the project is estimated to generate more than $800 million.

“Richland Communities has engaged the services of Barry Gross for more than 17 years. He is a valued member of our team and has provided us with timely and useful information supporting our development planning.” - Jack Bray Chairman, Richland Group

  • Revised an outdated and expired land development plan for a foreclosed property owned by a financial institution that determined the property would be a total loss. A new entitlement approach convinced a national builder to acquire the property, resulting in projected land development profits exceeding $50 million.

  • Recommended repositioning a 430-acre residential project to an industrial use which led to an increase in land residual value estimated at $18 million to more than $75 million.
Land value in aerial view consist of landscape of green field or agriculture farm, residential or house building in village, up arrow of rate market price. Real estate or property for sale, investment
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