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Do You Own or Control Under-Performing or Dead Projects?

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Development Services

  • Land-Strat can help you identify alternative land development strategies to optimize targeted metrics such as land residual value, project duration, internal rate of return and multiples on investment capital.

  • Substitute or support experienced inhouse staffs to review and modify existing development programs.

  • Work with your land development company to seamlessly pivot by providing highest and best-use alternatives for your property.

  • Assist land owners to sell or dispose of impaired properties by providing development alternative focusing on increasing land residual value.

  • Determine strategies to reduce the duration of obtaining government approvals.

Buying or Selling Land For A Development - We Can Help!

  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence reviews to support land acquisitions.

  • Provide financial analysis including cost estimates, land residual values and related cash flow analysis.

  • Cooperate with planners and engineers to evaluate proposed land uses.
  • Prepare Microsoft Project schedules for development and construction timelines.

  • Pilot your project through land entitlement issues with local government agencies.

  • Create effective presentations for lenders and third parties evaluating investment potential.

"Barry is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals I know for dealing with real estate development issues. His familiarity with development pro forma work and residual land analysis is second to none...” -David Taussig, President

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