Who We Are

Barry Gross, the founder of Land-Strat, has advised landowners, land developers, investors and lenders for more than four decades.

Barry has helped clients identify alternative land uses and earn tens of millions of dollars by maximizing the value of new acquisitions & underperforming properties. Barry’s expertise spans both the public and private sectors for more than four decades

Barry's Accomplishments Include:

  • Founded Developers Research, a real-estate consulting firm specializing in cost analysis, cash flows, and land residual valuations. Reviewed over 7,000 projects containing more than 5,000,000 residential units and 2.5 billion square feet of commercial, industrial and retail projects in 26 states and 6 foreign countries.
  • Worked closely with property owners ranging from developers to public agencies to potential investors to identify alternative development programs that increase the value of investments, whether that be through a modified land plan or marketing to third parties.
  • Helped identify public financing alternatives for facilities in California and Texas using proprietary software models to evaluate public financing options.
  • Served as a planning commissioner for Newport Beach, California. Part of a team that established new development policies for the Orange County Board of Supervisors yielding valuable insights in how to navigate evolving and complicated government requirements including land use standards, building codes, density and sustainability requirements.
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  • Barry is a sought-after speaker at seminars and conferences, such as those hosted by the Urban Land Institute, the Building Industry Association and the Pacific Coast Builders Conference. He was a featured lecturer at the Paul Meritage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

  • Barry holds an MBA in accounting and finance from Rutgers Graduate School of Business. He is also a California Real Estate Broker and a former Certified Public Accountant. He also earned the Project Management Professional designation that allowed Developers Research to achieve ISO 9000 certification.
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